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Colours & Seasons



Established in 2014, we are a company dedicated to offer an express colour test service.
If you wear colours that favour you, it will make your eyes shine, your skin will look better and  your confidence will increase. So, we are a perfect company for you.
We invite you to try our service, in just a session you will see the change! 

Discovering your colours


  • You will know which one is your best neutral colour.
  • You will know that there is a life beyond black and white 

  • We will be there for you learn to combine colours in an easy way


Visit us and enjoy our service. We will waiting for you...

is a unique company with a unique personality,  through our brand we want to express the following values:



To enhance the existing strengths of our organization and develop new skills oriented to customer and service.
Offering our customers a personalized, human and friendly treatment by tuning into your expectations and lifestyles, showing them at all times a vocation of service.
With welfare of our customers through excellent quality of service.
Always offering a fresh, clean and modern image. Adequate to a company in the Personal and Corporate Image Consulting sector.